Worlds Away

what the nomad brought home

Soul Memory

It’s like a memory
That you have in childhood
And never recall again,
That awareness
Of what once was
That fades into the present
Once the blank canvas of new existence
Starts to fill with visions of a life in progress.

Thus is the calling–
The song that carried me through ages,
Accompanied me over ancient seas,
Followed me to sacred summits,
And lulled me into sleep through a hundred eternal springs,
Until it led me
Obediently stumbling to your door
Where origin masquerades as destination,
Fate takes the guise of intention,
And guest entwines with host.

So I knocked
And waited breathless on the step,
Remembering why I came,
And who we were,
And what lay there within,
Only to begin forgetting
And find myself abandoned to the unknown,
The moment you opened the door.

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  1. Well written, a very romantic poem.

    I’ve often times wondered if something like this does in fact exist as even scientists talk about “genetic memory.” This is why beings instinctively fear certain things like fire, and instinctively are drawn to things that are adaptive to their survival.

    (I finally took your advice and made it to the blog)

    Comment by Lionstrike | July 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks for stopping by, and I truly appreciate the compliment! Genetic memory is a fascinating concept. This one was inspired in some form by an unforgettable stranger who found himself smiling at me on my doorstep, in a dream from my childhood — a stranger who, I was convinced, I knew.

    Romantic? One can only wonder.

    Comment by 20yearsfromnow | July 23, 2008 | Reply

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