Worlds Away

what the nomad brought home


This is who we are.
Our secret selves at bay,
Animal instincts tamed,
We walk as wolves sprung from the underbrush
Who bow their regal heads
Under spells never spoken.
The beast within us longs to lunge
To bite
To feast,
But instead, our eyes,
In fleeting glances on the street,
Avert to hide the savage self,
And so a thousand encounters never come to be.

In this festival of near-forgotten freedoms,
The darkness alight with neon life,
My pulse pounds with the memory of what never was.
And every breath I stole before this moment
Returns me to our animal intentions
As we play at human roles.

The words you long to say,
The miles you have challenged,
The locks that I have broken,
And the silent codes that save me
In the doorways,
By the train tracks,
On the corners,
Under streetlights,
Where I find myself reborn–
Dissolve here in the instant
That our bodies
Move apart.

And though we toe the fading line
Between the fairytale of civilization
And the enchanted forest of our own destructive drives,
I know where you come from
And you sense where I’ve been,
And one expectant look reveals that
Neither of us truly lives
In this world that falls away
Behind the shadows.

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  1. A thought-provoking piece on who we are, upon examination of the desires we suppress. I reckon we are walking ‘package deals’ of sorts, with ribbons on our eyes and in our gait and around our tongues. 😉

    “Avert to hide the savage self,
    And so a thousand encounters never come to be.”

    Epic. 😉 Cheers.

    Comment by S.L. Corsua | October 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thank you, S.L.! I think your poem about Sagada reveals the other side of much the same issue — in the overwhelming, artificial world of the metropolis, man’s shaky dominance over latent, natural impulses. In the quiet heart of the mountains, his ultimate surrender to the human realities he was never destined to escape…

    I enjoy your work. I’ve added you to my blogroll. 😉

    Comment by 20yearsfromnow | October 31, 2008 | Reply

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