Worlds Away

what the nomad brought home

Anima — Sex vs. Spirit

In a fog of fallibility,
Time and space divide,
While sex and spirit somehow form the haze
That happens
To be nothing more
Than life.
But, flawed and finite,
Here I stand —
Joyfully divested of my reason,
Relinquished to my humanity —
And I worship at the altar of your bed.

I’ll keep seeking what’s eternal
In a temporary self,
Rejoicing at the forever life-force surge
In your movement through the temple,
Where I fall to my knees in surrender of my spirit
Before the votive
That you light with borrowed breath,
The prayers you beg with lover’s tongue,
And the desperate pilgrimage you endeavor —
Aching, spent, and fallen
With fleeting flesh,
A sacrificial lamb unto your own,
In this transcendental, timeless rite
Of ever-entangling, oft-repeated selves.

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  1. Both sensuous and worshipful. 😉 I’ve enjoyed the alliteration here and there. For some reason, the lines (and the movement thereof) makes me think of Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs.

    Comment by S.L. Corsua | December 1, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks, S.L., it’s great to hear what comes to mind for others when they read my poetry. I was definitely aiming, on some level, to convey a sort of mystical feel, unfettered by time. It’s really cool to hear that you envisioned ancient Egypt as you read it. 🙂

    Comment by 20yearsfromnow | December 2, 2008 | Reply

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